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Change My Print Signature

When you print photos with Cartes Sportives Extrêmes, there is a space on our products where you can display your business signature.


Your signature contains 3 pieces of information

1. The name of your business
2. Your email address
3. Your phone number


As you can see on the following image and on your control panel, each field can be personalized.


To do so, you must click on Personalized Value to unlock the field to enable you to input your new entry. For example, you might want to change Email to your website address.

Empty Print Signature

The print signature is not mandatory. You may wish to display only your business name.

To do so, just select “Personalized Value” and leave the field empty. When printing, nothing will be placed on the products.

Don’t forget to click the save button after making your changes!


Dear customers, if you have any questions, please contact us using the support form found on the welcome page of your control panel.