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Choose a Design

To start your ezFOTO adventure, you must choose a design through which you will choose products to offer to your customers. Without configuring a design, it is impossible to make a print.

Use the PRODUCTS section on your navigation menu to create your collections by design.


In this section, you can create a multitude of product collections for a variety of occasions and seasons. To create your product collection, you must click the ADD A PRODUCT COLLECTION button found in the upper right of your screen.


In the window that opens, you will find all the designs we have created which you are free to use. Currently, we display our creations by title, and we will soon make this part more visual.

Each design title has a select button and a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass allows you to see the design as it would appear on a card (front and back) as well as on a team photo. When you have decided which design to offer to your customers, just click the Select button.


Now that you have chosen your design, ezFOTO allows you to add, with one simple click, all the products we have, or you can select them individually. The products you choose will be available when you place your order.

If you want to sell only our 24-point cards and the 8” X 12” player/team cards, there is no use adding all of our products at once. It will only make it more difficult when placing your order. The best way to do this is to choose the manual selection option, check off the products that you wish to sell, or use the green Select button to add one product at a time.



Did you know that you can create product combos and receive an immediate discount?

On the Packages tab, you can create a variety of product combinations to offer to your customers and you will immediately see the applicable discount. All you need to do to save money is to select our sports cards and add other products. The more products you add, the larger the discount we’ll apply.


On the Packages tab, click on the Add a Combo button.


A new window will open in which you need to create a name for your package. Our customers generally create names using the season, sport or event. Once you have named the package, you can add products to it. Don’t forget to add our cards if you want to receive an immediate discount. Your customers will appreciate the range of products that you can offer them, while at a lower cost to you.


Dear customers, if you have any questions, please contact us using the support form found on the welcome page of your control panel.