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Language Control

Using language control enables you to change the language of the ezFOTO control panel and to offer a variety of languages to your customers when entering their profile information.


Control Panel

On the Language drop-down menu, you can change the language of the control panel display.

It is also possible to change the language using the menu found at the upper right of the control panel.


Changing the Order Language

If you are English, but your customer is French and you want to quickly add a command without having to manually change the printed information, such as:

  • Height/Taille
  • Weight/Poids
  • Hometown/Ville
  • Age/Âge
  • Comment/Commentaire

By changing the player’s language, the ezFOTO system will generate captions in one of the two languages automatically provided.


Dear customers, if you have any questions, please contact us using the support form found on the welcome page of your control panel.