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College 2015 – A New Teen Template

Jun 1, 2015 | By | No Comments

School is almost over but we are already preparing the autumn season. We have put together a brand new concept for teens call COLLEGE 2015.  We have realize, by talking to our photographers, that teenagers are not incline to take pictures at all. But they are the first one to put it on Facebook or other media when they get them.

Don’t get me wrong, if they have to take pictures, they will. If you also give it to them, they will post them on Facebook. That’s why pictures need to be included in the registration fee of the sport they practice.

What’s in it for schools?

If the product is done right it becomes a very good publicity for schools since most kids have many followers and the image of the school logo is part of the concept. Further more, the Facebook cover page is hard to do for teens since it requires a picture that is not standard (not a 4X6, 8X10 or 5X7).

That’s why the new concept incorporates pictures for parents, a digital for teens and good design for publicity of the school.

What do you offer?

2 8X10 + 2 5X7 + 3 bookmarks + digital web banner all for $5

Here are a few simples we did using the new Teen template.

Football Footballweb MSATest2 MSATest3 Volleyball Volleyballweb

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