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How to increase your chance of winning a RFP (Request for Proposal)

Apr 9, 2015 | By | No Comments

A lot of organizations are now using a RFP for the selection of their photographer. By doing so, they make sure the selection won’t be contested and it becomes clears what to expect from the photographer after.

The process is a formal one and it gives a fair chance to everyone, but I notice that some photographers are just submitting their packages and prices. When submitting your RFP you must include other elements that could increase their chances of winning it:

Design, delivery time, reputation are all things you most put on RFP. Although reputation may seem harder to put into words, you can provide references of similar contract, # of kids photograph the previous year. Don’t forget, the committee just want to make sure they get the best candidate for the job.

If you know the person responsible to build the RFP, try to include stuff that you are good at. (like a manager’s team binder for tournament). Most of the times it’s not the best candidate that will win the RFP but the one who provides all informations that was required. So preparing yourself is the key of winning a RFP.


The rated criteria will be evaluated based on a maximum possible score of 100 points. In order to be considered responsive, a proposal must achieve a minimum score of 60% as stated in the rated requirements. A proponent/bidder scoring less than 60 points for criteria will be considered non-responsive and be given no further consideration.

The Proponent/Bidder to shall demonstrate:

    • Competitive pricing of the player/team combo for all players as paid by association; (12 points)
    • A creative and unique 8 x 10 player/team combo; (12 points)
    • Competitive pricing for Association members for additional individual player photos and

      packages; (12 points)

    • Creative and unique options for additional individual player photos and packages; (12 points)
    • A proven track record of providing individual and team photographs to a large minor sports association (similar size to the Association); (12 points)
    • the ability to provide DVD of jpg images for all teams for use by Association; (10 points)
    • Confirmation that photography sessions can be provided during the timeframes required

      by the Association; (10 points)

    • The timeliness of photo availability and delivery; (10 points)
    • The ability to provide the rebate to the association on additional sales to Association (10 points)



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