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New 2015 Winter Design (Hockey Template)

Aug 18, 2015 | By | No Comments

As you may know, most Hockey Associations camps have already begun so this is a good time to show them the new 2015 Winter Design.  And the good news is, once again this year we will be promoting our Super Package at a special price $6.75.


New 2015 winter Design

If you want to download the New 2015 Winter Design (Sample Hockey Template) click the link: and then Add Product Set. It will be under Winter 2015-2016 [NEW].

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How to get new 2015 winter design

Here’s a Pro Tip:

Lots of our photographers are using the Managers Binder as a marketing tool to get Associations to commit to a long-term agreement. For some of you who are asked to provide sponsorship $ in return for the business, this is a really creative solution to offer them.  The advantage of using the Binder versus giving money to the Association is that most of the time people are not even aware you’re a sponsor.  This will get you that recognition throughout all teams within the Association.  Additionally, if you contra with them by using the retail value ($15 each) there is a considerable cash savings to be had as well.

Even if you do not have sponsorship obligations there are other advantages to offering the binder as a lost leader.  What are some of them?

  1. Associations care about their image and using this tool makes all association team binders to look the same and have a professional image compared to each team doing their own with a basic binder.
  2. On each Binder, your business contact info. is clearly visible so when teams go on road games, or to a tournament, people from other Associations will inquire where they got it. With this, you may drive new business from other Team’s and Association’s just because they were impressed with it and jotted down your contact info. to find out more.
  3. With your name and logo on it, people will be aware that you are a sponsor of the Association. It’s always better when people recognize that you are giving back to the Association.
  4. Offering the Binder encourages teams to book their photo day early so that they can receive their Binder and be able to use it before their first tournament.

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