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New 2015 Summer Design

Mar 23, 2015 | By | No Comments

Summer is just around the corner and photographer are already making deals with soccer and baseball association,

So, to help you out, we have just issue our new Summer design 2015. This design will be good for Baseball and Soccer.


We are presenting 2 products that could sell very well this summer!

How about small 2 package idea:


2 wallet size
1 8×10 of the player
1 memory mates 8×10
2 5×7 of the player
2 player tickets
PRICE: $4.00


Or this one:


4 wallet size
1 memory mates 8×10
4 5×7 of the player
1 player tickets
PRICE: $4.00


And cards also:

Sample2015front Sample2015Back

10 trading cards 20 pts
PRICE: $4.00

The Super Package is still available at $6.75 and for more informations see products list in the system.


If you’re already a customer or would like to become one, contact us for more information.

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