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Team Sports Shoot Tips

Apr 1, 2015 | By | No Comments

Last year, Patrick Loiselle from Graf-i-tech had a big success doing 4000 soccer kids in 1 month. We ask him what was the secret of his success. So here are a few of his tips.

  1. Get organize, association members like to work people that know where they are going. Don’t forget most association administration are made of volunteers. But on the other hand, have them to commit and organize a picture day (or 2) because it is impossible to shoot 4000 kids if you need to schedule them yourself on a team per team basis.
  2. Setup your picture day, parents need to know in advance your package, price and when picture will take place.
  3. Make it simple on them, soccer is often consider has a recreational sport. So parents are just looking for a good picture of their child. No need to put the kid name on the products. You will then save time and errors. Also only offering 1 or 2 packages makes it easy on them, too many choices can get confusing sometimes.
  4. Fast delivery of the product is crucial, you don’t want parents phoning board members when pictures will be ready. That will be the last time you will do a big association. Make sure you respect what you tell them.
  5. Use team manager or coaches. They know their parents, so ask them to gather money and orders of their team. That way you will only deal with 1 parent per team on picture day. And will probably get more sells that way because it is harder to say no when you know that most parents are taking the pictures.
  6. Pictures: try not to have parents around if possible has they make your life harder. Also never show them the pictures, instead offer them a money back guarantee.  if you want to make sure you have a good one, you can take 2 or 3.
  7. Photographer: the key is a smile on the picture.

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