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Place an Order

You have taken pictures of your teams and you have processed them. Now you are ready to place your first printing order.

To do so, go the Order section.


On this page, in addition to adding new teams to order prints, you will find a list of your teams grouped into three categories:

  1. Orders to Update
    Teams to be completed that you have previously saved.
  2. Awaiting Print
    Teams for which you have completed orders and which are awaiting print.
  3. Printed
    Teams that are printed.

At any time, you can add a player or an item to a team that has already been printed. Just put it back into editing mode and make the changes you want.


Click the New Order button on the upper right of the page to begin creating a print order.


Once the button has been clicked, a new window will open in which you will find 7 tabs. Only the first tab is activated at this time, as you must input some basic information to continue the process.

  1. Basic Info
    Your team’s basic information
  2. Images
    Your team pictures and logos
  3. Photos
    Where you can put all your player photos
  4. Design
    Products and designs available for this team
  5. Players
    Create players to link their information, pictures and orders
  6. Captions
    Basic information such as weight, height, age, comments, etc. This can be modified and used for the team.
  7. Orders
    See all player orders placed by team and zone to add a team order not related to a player, such as a binder or album, etc.




The use of primary and secondary colors enables you to mix the selected design with the team colors. There are more than 441 possible combinations.


This lets you put all the personalized information (captions) in the team’s language. On the Players tab, you can edit individual players if they want to use a language other than the one chosen by the team.

Once you have completed your basic settings, you must click Save.

After completing this step, all of the tabs will be unlocked and you will be able to go to the next step.



You can simply drag and drop images and pictures to be used for printing.


Only JPG, GIF and PNG formats can be used for team logos. We strongly suggest that you use PNG format with transparency, as some of our designs use transparency to provide a better visual effect.


By default, the primary team photo will be used for your prints. When editing your players, the secondary photo can be selected. It is important to have a primary photo when you make your prints and that you use a product that requires this kind of photo.

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 6” X 4” or proportionate to this size
  • File size: Must not exceed 10 MB.
  • Format: JPG



Add all photos pertaining to the team that will be used when placing your order.

Technical information:

  • Dimensions: 6” X 4” or proportionate to this size
  • File size: Must not exceed 10 MB.
  • Format: JPG



When you first configured your account, you selected a design from which you chose products and packages to offer to your customers. Here you will select what design to use when placing orders for your team.



You are now ready to add your customers to place print orders.

All of your players are displayed in a list and, with one look, you can easily tell if your photos match and if your orders have been processed.


  • ID
    The ezFOTO system generates a unique ID for each player. This ID is printed on the products and enables you to quickly find your players and teams when using the search engine. This is very useful when your customer requests additional products.
  • No.
    The player’s sweater number
  • Name
    The player’s first and last names
  • Photos
    Displays the front and back of your photos. If only the back of the photo is added, we will use it automatically for the front. If you click on one of the squares, you will get an overview of the selected design and the player information.
  • Ordered
    The total sum of orders for this player. If a zero is indicated, you have no orders.
  • Paid
    This indicates if your customer has paid you.

To add another player and start the process over, you must click the Add a Player button.



In the Player Basics tab, input his/her profile information. A full listing is especially useful if your customer opts to by 24-point sports cards. His/her vital stats will be displayed on the back of the cards. If you do not input any information, nothing will be displayed.

If the team speaks French, but an individual player is Anglophone, you can switch the language with one click in order to get English labeling for the height, weight, comments, etc.



The photos you added to your team in an earlier step will now appear in this area so you can match them to the appropriate players.

Once a photo has been assigned, it will disappear from the pool.

It is important to assign a photo to the “front” zone. This photo will be used when printing our various products.

The “back” photo is only used on certain types of products such as sports cards, so it is not mandatory. The primary photo will be used by default if nothing is set for the “back” photo.



If a customer ordered 24-point sports cards, a poster or one of the packages you created, it is here where you will add the prints they purchased.

Once completed, don’t forget to click the Save button.

Add an Order to All Players


Did you know that on the Player tab in your team’s main window there is a button that allows you to add the same products and packages to all of your customers?



The additional information provided in each player’s profile comes from this tab. By default, we have created standard captions for each sport, but you can edit these at any time if you wish to create your own combinations.



All of the prints ordered by your team are found in this tab. With a simple glance you can view your sales totals, the cost of prints and the profile you created.

In addition, from here you can order team items such as team binders, souvenir albums and others. Items that cannot be matched to a player must be ordered from here.



Once you have finished, simply click the “Confirm and Print the Order” button and all your photos and information will be immediately transferred to our offices and will be printed as soon as possible.

Dear customers, if you have any questions, please contact us using the support form found on the welcome page of your control panel.